Townline Gets Solar Panel Station Grant!

Townline Elementary School, along with other schools in Hawthorn District 73, will benefit from solar energy next school year.  Administration wrote a grant for Solar Panels through the Illinois Clean Energy Community Foundation.  Not only will we see lower electricity costs, but students and staff will also learn more about the benefits of harnessing the sun’s power.  Our staff plan to infuse the concepts of solar energy and conservation into their curriculum and use the panels as a teaching tool.  For more information about the Illinois Solar Schools Program, please visit the following website:

Just got a new iPhone?

Not sure what to do with the old one? Hawthorn School District 73 is asking for your old iPhones (and iPods). When you get a new iPhone, the old one is virtually useless to you, but can be extremely useful to students and teachers. Old iPhones can be turned into iPods, loaded with tons of educational Apps to be used by students and can be used as: Calculators, Cameras, Video Cameras, Video Editing Stations, Digital portfolios, Audio Recorders, Notepads, Document Cameras and much more! Please consider donating your old iPhone at any of our 7 school offices or the district office today, and don’t forget to ask for a tax receipt. For questions, please contact Trevor Hope at (847) 990-4233 or my email address.


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Drop off and pickup reminders

In order for our drop off and pick up line to be effective, and more importantly, SAFE, please be extremely mindful of the following:
–  Our top priority for all children at Townline is safety. Please drive slowly in our parking lot and pick-up line.
–  The pick-up line is a single file line; therefore, children must exit and enter their vehicles curbside only.
–  No cell phone use of any kind in the school zone.  If violated, the Vernon Hills police Department can issue tickets.
–  If you need to leave your car, you must park in a designated parking spot.
–  Be respectful of the Hawthorn Staff.  They are there to make sure all our children are safe and protected.
–  Be mindful and patient of other vehicles.