TL Science Olympiad Success!

If you look closely at the picture, you’ll see that EVERY SINGLE KID has a medal!! We had a blast at Middle South on Saturday morning and our team did an outstanding job!
Crimebusters – Allie Johnson & Patty VK – 1st place
Experimental Design – Sam Smart – 2nd place
Junk Cars – Luke Wu & Lynn Li – 2nd place
Mystery Architecture – Sam Smart – 3rd place
Noodle Towers – Heather Swiecicki – 1st place
Ready, Aim, Fire! – Katie Peterson & Amanda Krch – 1st place
Huge shoutout to all the coaches you see listed above! Science Olympiad at Townline wouldn’t exist without these coaches volunteering their time, outside of school hours, to support our students’ interests in science. Clearly their hard work paid off!