ABC blocks

ABC Countdown!

Dear Parents,

On May 1st, we will begin our ABC Countdown! We have many exciting plans for the next 26 days so please join in the fun! We can’t wait to see the students wearing Black and White for Zebra Day on May 1st!

You can see the entire ABC Countdown Calendar here:

Z5/1Zebra- wear black & white
X5/3X-Tra Snack – pack an extra snack
W5/6Walt Disney – wear Disney 
V5/7Visitor – visit the 1st grade classrooms
U5/8USA- wear red, white & blue, stripes or stars
T5/9Thank You – write thank you letters at school
S5/10Stripes & Sneakers
R5/13Recess – enjoy some extra recess
Q5/14Quiet- complete a challenge without using your voice
O5/16Outside – enjoy some fun outside
M5/20Music – listen to our favorite songs during the day
L5/21Lights Out 
K5/22Kindness- show random acts of kindness
J5/23Jersey- wear your favorite sports team jersey
H5/28Hat – wear a hat to school
G5/29Game- play games at school
F5/30Friendship Day- make a new friend today! 
C6/4Crazy Socks – wear crazy socks
B6/5Book & Blanket – bring your favorite book & a blanket to lay on
A6/6Autographs & Adios!!