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Report Cards

Hawthorn District 73 uses the PowerSchool Parent Portal to digitally post report cards and progress reports for both our middle and elementary school families. Benefits to posting report cards via this secure portal include more timely reporting to parents/guardians, as well as easy parent access to both current and past report cards. Online report cards are also environmentally friendly.

The purpose of report cards is to communicate student progress toward mastering learning standards. Grade level bands have similar report cards (Preschool, Grades K-2, Grades 3-5, Grades 6-8), and all report cards separate a student’s academic achievement from their work habits. That is, the report of how well a student has mastered learning standards is different from scores reflecting their work habits. 

Hawthorn also distributes midterm reports for elementary students participating in intervention support and services at the midpoint of each academic trimester. While these reports are less detailed and narrower in scope than the report cards, they provide a snapshot of how students are progressing.

Report cards and midterm reports are only one way student progress is communicated with families. Information is also shared via conferences, phone or email, feedback on assessments and assignments, standardized assessment reports, and more. 

Illinois State Report Card