sick child

Sick Day Guidelines

To help prevent the spread of illness, the Lake County Health Department provides guidelines to help with your decision on whether or not to send your child to school. Sometimes it can be challenging to make the right choice.

students in a classroom

Steps in a Process

Students in Mrs. Sabin’s second grade class at Townline Elementary learned about the steps and process needed to make candy canes.

students in spelling bee

Spelling Bee Tests Students’ Skills

At Friday’s spelling bee at Townline Elementary, 12 fourth and fifth grade students carefully spelled tricky words such as sniffle, scattering and generation. By the twelfth round, they were down to two students. Prarthana S. won by spelling the word “assembly” correctly. The runner up was Rithvika S. Congratulations to all the students. It was clear that they all studied hard. Prarthana will go on to represent her school at the sectional competition in Deerfield in February.

Students collecting items for food drive

Food Drive Gives Back to the Community

Fourth and fifth grade students who volunteered to be part of the Project Change program enjoyed the opportunity to give back to the community. Early in the morning of December 5, approximately 50 students went from floor to floor at Townline and the School of Dual Language, collecting boxes of nonperishable food items and supplies, such as toothpaste and pancake mix, from approximately 38 classrooms. They piled the items into a truck bound for the Sharing Hands Food Pantry. The items will go to community members in need. Many thanks to all the families at both schools that provided items for the food drive, which began in mid-November.

Children performing

Students Give Adorable Thanksgiving Performance

Kindergarten and first grade students did a great job performing at Townline Elementary’s Thanksgiving program on Nov. 25. The young students wowed the audience as they danced, sang and recited poetry.

Students in habitats

Students Learn About Animal Habitats through Habitat Extravaganza

Habitat Extravaganza was a great success for the second graders at Townline Elementary.  What a great turnout of parents! Guests enjoyed entering three habitats: Mrs. Sabin’s room was the ocean habitat,  Mrs. Hughes’ room was the grasslands, and Mrs. Bolender’s room was the tropical rainforest.  Students made animal masks and read their scripts (on the back of their masks) to parents as they walked past.  Their scripts described how the habitats met the needs of their animals, fun facts about their animals, and fun facts about their habitats.  Students helped to decorate their rooms to show their unique habitat environments.  Before the parents arrived, all three classes toured each other’s habitat.  They then came back to their rooms to reflect on the different habitats and their unique climate, plants, and animals.  The classes discussed the diversity of animals in each habitat and how each habitat meets the needs of its animals.  

kindergarten students singing

Little Students with Big Talent

Kindergarten students at Townline Elementary had fun practicing songs and dance steps for their Thanksgiving Music Program next week. They did a great job. So fun to watch these little students with so much talent.

Mike Kaplan talks with students

Special Guest Talks About the Weather

Kindergarten students at Townline Elementary received a special treat today. Mike Caplan, meteorologist with Fox 32, talked with them about the different kinds of weather, weather safety and even showed a video of a tornado. Friendly and funny, he had the full attention of the students. 

Students standing with flag

More School Flags to Fly in Antarctica

Townline Elementary and the School of Dual Language are the latest schools to provide flags to be flown in Antarctica. Aspen Elementary, Middle School North and several other local schools also provided flags to Air National Guard Chaplain (Lt. Col.) James Buckman, pastor at Faith Lutheran Church in Lake Forest. He and other Air Guard personnel will travel to Antarctica next week to support a group of scientists who will be working at the South Pole for 40 days. He will fly the flags while he is stationed there.

students with instruments

Instrument Trials

Fourth grade students at Townline and the School of Dual Language were excited to try out different instruments on Friday.