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Library Policy


Each class checks out books every week on their assigned library day. Books are checked out for one week. Books are to be turned in on their next library day and will be checked in early in that morning. If students would like to have a book for another week, they are asked to bring it to the library to be renewed.

Overdue / Lost / Damaged books

When a student has an overdue book, that child will be reminded to return the book as soon as possible. They are given verbal reminders the first two weeks. The third week the book is overdue, they are given a written reminder note to take home. The fourth week they are given a FINAL written reminder note. If the book is still not returned, the parents will be contacted. We ask that lost or damaged books be paid for rather than replaced by a book purchased by the parent. We purchase books with library bindings and sturdy, water-resistant covers that can stand up to years of use. If the book is found later, please return it and the money paid earlier will be reimbursed. Children with overdue books do not check out books. However, students are always allowed to check out books needed for classroom projects.

Please be responsible, take good care of library books, and return them on time.