Principal for a Day

“Hi Mr. Principal” one students says while passing Charlie Blackmer in the Townline Elementary School hallway.

“Congratulations Charlie, I mean Mr. Blackmer,” another students says in the cafeteria.

“Can I be of assistance?” a teacher asks Charlie as he enters her classroom.

And so it goes all day for the fifth grader who was chosen to serve as Principal for a Day at Townline.

Charlie, 10, spent his day greeting students, reciting the announcements, conducting teacher evaluations, and reading to children.

He gave teachers extra points for being engaged with their students.

Charlie wanted to be principal because that’s what his dad does in another school district not too far away. He has a good role model and has even seen his father in action.

Still, taking over Victoria Kieffer’s role left Charlie exhausted. “I didn’t realize how much she has to do. I felt kind of nervous too, because everyone is watching you.”

The Bernstein Artful Learning Team asked principal nominees in fifth grade to write an essay on the theme of Values. Values is the significant concept this school year in which students are learning about the importance of identifying and reflecting what they value. Townline follows the Leonard Bernstein Model of Artful Learning, which is to incorporate the arts and the artistic process to increase student engagement and improve academic achievement.  To keep artful learning at the forefront of Townline’s school improvement efforts, students in fifth grade may write an essay and interview for the chance of being Principal for a Day.