Students in habitats

Students Learn About Animal Habitats through Habitat Extravaganza

Habitat Extravaganza was a great success for the second graders at Townline Elementary.  What a great turnout of parents! Guests enjoyed entering three habitats: Mrs. Sabin’s room was the ocean habitat,  Mrs. Hughes’ room was the grasslands, and Mrs. Bolender’s room was the tropical rainforest.  Students made animal masks and read their scripts (on the back of their masks) to parents as they walked past.  Their scripts described how the habitats met the needs of their animals, fun facts about their animals, and fun facts about their habitats.  Students helped to decorate their rooms to show their unique habitat environments.  Before the parents arrived, all three classes toured each other’s habitat.  They then came back to their rooms to reflect on the different habitats and their unique climate, plants, and animals.  The classes discussed the diversity of animals in each habitat and how each habitat meets the needs of its animals.