Pink sign that reads practice kindness

Townline’s Project Change: Family Acts of Kindness

Dear Townline Parents, 
These past months students have shown a variety of kindness acts throughout the school day.  Each act of kindness represents a link and each classroom teacher connects those links to make a chain that is hanging outside their classroom.  Townline’s Project Change wants to challenge the students to now bring it HOME!   This means the students can perform acts of kindness at HOME and each act of kindness represents a link.  Please have your child return this flyer to their teacher by the end of April.  Each act of kindness they have performed at HOME needs to have a parent initial, then at the bottom of the flyer total how many HOME acts of kindness activities they have complete and include a parent signature. We know the students are KIND all the time, so let’s recognize their kindness! 
Let’s be KIND at HOME and get more links for our classroom chain!